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Our group works within multiracial communities to end personal, structural, and cultural racism and build a racially just Austin. We are a group of people of European descent, whose varying ethnic histories have been forged into one common “white” identity to perpetuate racism. We seek to undo racism in many ways, including educating ourselves on racial oppression, mobilizing other people of European descent to dismantle white supremacy, and supporting social justice organizing led by people of color communities, including indigenous people.


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3 months ago


Hatred and Bullying Have No Place in Our Movements!

On Sunday May 6, Undoing White Supremacy Austin (UWSA) stood shoulder to shoulder with East Austin community organizations to prevent the disruption of the Real Solutions to Austin’s Gentrification Crisis Forum.

We witnessed an extraordinary display of white supremacy culture by a group of people who call themselves militant leftists. In moments like this it is hard to tell who is on the left and who is on the right. Extremism is extremism no matter which side you are on.

These angry young people who profess to care about gentrification and poverty are deeply misguided and lack an understanding of local history. They have no authentic relationships with East Austin communities and its residents who have worked to support East Austin for decades. Instead they are working with toxic strategies that pit them against anyone who does not share their views or tactics.

Their behavior was threaded with the entitlement that runs deep in white culture. They insisted they had a right to attend and be allowed in the space, even though they have disrupted similar spaces before with hatred and personal attacks. When they were denied entry, their threats increased, calling us “anti-democratic”, “violent” and “traitors to the working class.” These were similar thinking and tactics used by colonizers who believed in their manifest destiny and thus entitlement to this land.

When it became clear they would not be allowed to enter, they covered their faces with masks and pulled out signs targeting community leaders. Their ruse dissolved and their true intent to do harm to the participating organizations was exposed.

Hiding their identity, denying their organizational affiliation, claiming to act as individuals, and blaming everyone without taking responsibility for their actions are all symptoms of white supremacy. Hatred, personal attacks on movement organizers, disrupting community events, and spreading lies do the work of the State, whether they are on its payroll or not.

No matter their professed intentions to stop gentrification, their self-righteous and aggressive actions are nothing more than another front for white supremacy. As we have learned, white culture can move through anyone, including Black- and Brown-bodied people. Their targeting of long-time people of color leadership is racist and puts the community in even greater danger from the forces of white supremacy in the city.

Beware of the actions and misinformation of Serve the People – Austin, Defend Our Hoodz, Red Guards Austin and the Revolutionary Student Front. These groups are working in the lineage of Maoist Communism and the genocide that came with it in China and in South America via the Shining Path. Be mindful of how white supremacy has taken root within those organizations to create division and spread harm.

If they continue to attack our community, we will stand together to keep each other safe from those who intend harm.
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