About Us

Undoing White Supremacy Austin Mission Statement:

Our group works within multiracial communities to end personal, structural, and cultural racism and build a racially just Austin, We are a group of people of European descent, whose varying ethnic histories have been forged into one common “white” identity to perpetuate racism. We seek to undo racism in many ways, including educating ourselves on racial oppression, mobilizing other people of European descent to dismantle white supremacy, and supporting social justice organizing led by people of color communities, including indigenous people. 


Are you interested in working with Undoing White Supremacy Austin?  

We have an Orientation session each month to connect with folks who are interested in our work and want to learn more about us.  This is a great way to connect to current UWSA members, learn more about UWSA’s mission and guiding principles, and how to plug into our current projects.