It’s On Us

Dear Austinites,

Two weeks ago Donald Trump was declared president elect of the U.S. after winning the votes of 60,375,961 Americans. Throughout his campaign, he continuously championed racist, misogynistic, xenophobic and pro-hate views and he is on course to enact many of these views into law and policy.

While we at Undoing White Supremacy Austin (former the “Undoing Racism Austin White Caucus”) are still in shock and are numb with grief, we can’t say that we are all that surprised. We understand that White Supremacy is baked into the very foundation of this country and that it has been a core element of every fight for justice the country has undergone throughout its history.

What is equally clear is that it is on “white” community members to step up both defensively and proactively. People of color, Muslims, immigrants (documented, undocumented and refugees), LGBTQ folks, the disabled and vulnerable are all justifiably terrified about what the Trump administration has in store for them and their families as well as how fellow citizens will continue to be empowered to commit more hate crimes and abuse. As “white” people we must stand in defense of everyone who will bear the brunt of the Trump administration and say, “If you’re coming for them, you must come for me first.”

We must organize among our “white” families and in “white” communities to dismantle White Supremacy while working in collaboration with people of color-led groups in the city towards social justice and racial equity in our community’s policies and institutions.

We are not 100% clear about all our strategies yet and that’s okay. We at UWSA are very grateful that we have had two years of working together. During this period, we have been deepening our relationships, building skills and leadership, and trying out different strategies and tactics. So we aren’t starting from scratch. Going forward, we will continue to learn as we build. It may be scary and confusing at times, but we have a wealth of knowledge to learn from those in this nation and in other countries who have resisted. It will be hard — at times meandering, at other times frustrating — but it will also be joyful and fun. Together we will shed the baggage we carry as a legacy of White Supremacy and build relations of love and solidarity with folks we work with side by side.

If you are interested in doing this work with us, please join us. Feel free to share this message with anyone you know who would be interested in helping out. There are two upcoming opportunities to get acquainted with UWSA, its core agreements and principles, and its work in progress:

6:30 pm, Wednesday, November 30
Wildflower UU Church (Faith Presbyterian)
1314 E Oltorf St, Austin, TX 78704
1 pm, Saturday, December 10
Wildflower UU Church (Faith Presbyterian)
Community meeting room
1314 E Oltorf St, Austin, TX 78704

If you have already attended an orientation, or attended one or more of our “community dialogues” earlier in the year and would like to work on the organizing team of UWSA, you can attend our monthly business meeting, which is held on the third Monday of each month, in the community meeting room of the Wildflower UU Church (Faith Presbyterian), 1314 E Oltorf St, Austin, TX 78704.

Peace and Justice,

Undoing White Supremacy Austin

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