Our Working Groups

Want to know what we are currently working on?  Here are some details about our working groups and their projects:

Base Building

We are committed to helping grow the movement for racial justice!  Here are some of the ways we try to bring folks to this work:

  • Orientations: introducing interested people to UWSA and racial justice work in Austin
  • Unlearning Circles: people come together to read books and articles on racial justice and history of racism in America, and unlearn the abridged versions we were taught in school.
  • Communications and social media presence: connecting folks to UWSA and other organizations in Austin with a focus on racial justice
  • Dialogues and Events: we occasionally provide Community Dialogues or other events and trainings, in coalition with other groups, to foster conversation around racism and racial justice organizing

campaigns and relationships

We are always looking for ways to dismantle the system of white supremacy in Austin’s government, economy, housing market, etc.  This group works on researching potential issues for UWSA to act on, or partner with local people of color-led groups on their campaigns.

We also work on building relationships with local people of color-led groups to support their work.  This relationship-building may include providing childcare and transportation for events, providing food, and helping with event publicity and attendance.

We have working groups focused on Childcare, Transportation, and Food that step up when asked.