Our Values

UWSA’s values have been informed and inspired by the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond principles, the values of the Lakota Nation, the Jemez Principles, Showing Up For Racial Justice (SURJ), Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and our own life experiences.

We are committed to working with all people who are committed to developing a shared vision and practice of undoing racism and all forms of oppression and who feel they can act in alignment with our values below.

We value the worth and dignity of all beings and seek to transform injustice and systems of inequity.

We value justice and liberation, knowing that no one is free until all of us are free.

We value bottom up organizing, that is inclusive and based on mutual interests. Growth always comes from the roots and our roots are intertwined.

We value the voices and leadership of those most impacted by oppression; people must speak for themselves.

We value both internal and external accountability. External accountability includes being in relationship with and taking direction from people of color who are doing racial justice work in the movement and who are accountable to a group of people.

We value solidarity, taking risks,  and courageous action; sacrificing what we have for something greater.  Sacrifice itself transforms. 

We recognize that white supremacy harms white people as well as people of color and we therefore organize out of a clear sense of mutual interest and focus on collective liberation , rather than “allyship”.

We value sharing power and deepening our awareness and self-responsibility of the power that we each hold.

We value intergenerational work and the wisdom that comes from people of all ages.

We value compassion, honesty, and authentic just relationships.

We value cooperation and care as we lift each other up.

We value accountability, forgiveness and the making of amends.  We recognize that we all mess up and that we will make mistakes in this work. We commit to learning and to continuing our work.

We value the practice of leadership development of all those who seek liberation.

We value the re-distribution of resources that have been concentrated for generations in the hands of white people to communities who have been excluded, exploited, marginalized and oppressed.  There is enough for all.

We value the process of change, knowing that the Universe is on the side of justice and that while change can be a long process, it happens every moment.

We value culture and commit to sharing and creating our own culture and celebrating and learning from the cultures of others.

We acknowledge that racism creates multigenerational trauma for all and value embodied healing practices.